Other Products

We offer various other products and services that complement and support our clients so they can achieve maximum efficiency on their farms. These include 1-day chicks, veterinary products, poultry equipment, and egg separators, among others. In addition, we provide our clients with technical support for the development of their businesses.

Egg Packs & Raw Materials

We distribute and sell Egg Packs & Raw Materials. For more information, please contact our main offices at PBX: 2523- 2216.

Veterinary Products

We offer a wide range of veterinary products for different species such as vitamins, antibiotics, and vaccines, for the prevention and treatment of diseases via oral, subcutaneous and intramuscular methods.

Poultry Equipment

We are distributors of equipment for different livestock species such as feeders, heaters, broiler pans, and watering systems.

We also offer semi-automatic & automatic equipment for layer production systems.

For more information, visit us at any of our offices, call us at 2523-2216/2222-4323, or write to us at: ventasonline@elgranjero.com.ni .