Animal Feed

Learn more about ‘Concentrados El Granjero’, our animal feed brand for Poultry, Pigs, Bovine and Horse species. We have a sales & distribution coverage throughout Nicaragua, making our products easily available for all our clients. We are the best in animal nutrition!

Nutec Products

We distribute animal feed products of GRUPO NUTEC MEXICO with the highest standards of quality and yields.

- Pig Preinitiator NUPIG

- NUGALLO Combat

- NUGALLO Maintenance

- NUCAN, Dog feed

Concentrados El Granjero


We offer 25, 50 and 100 lb. presentations as well as transportation services to your facilities. Please contact us at the telephone number 2523-2216 for more information. 

Laying Hens

The 'Concentrados El Granjero' feeds for breeding, development and production in laying hens, offer producers the most cost-effective formulas as well as meet the nutritional needs of poultry to produce better quality of eggs.

Product Name Indications
Preinicio Pollitas First 2 weeks
Inicio de Pollitas 3 to 6 weeks
Crecimiento 7 to 10 weeks
Desarrollo 11 to 15 weeks
Pre-Postura 16 weeks until 2%  egg laying
Bajo Consumo 3% until 25 weeks
Alta Postura 26 to 35 weeks
Ponedora Fase I 36 to 55 weeks
Ponedora Fase II 56 to 70 weeks
Ponedora Fase III 71 to 80 weeks



These feeds provide the necessary nutrients in order to obtain the maximum growth of broilers in each of their phases, with an excellent alimentary conversion.

Product Name Indications
Preinicio Broiler First week
Inicio Broiler Weeks 2 to 3
Crecimiento Broiler Weeks 4 to 5
Final Broiler Week 6 until butchering


Fighting Roosters

Feed formulated to maitain animals in their optimum weight and endurance conditions.

Product Indication
Gallo de Pelea Accompany with water.



Meat & Milk

Each product is formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of each stage of growth and fattening of the animal, in order to achieve high performance in both milk and meat.

Product Names:

- Iniciador de Terneras

- Desarrollo de Terneras

- Vaquillas y vacas secas

- Lechera 2200

- Lechera Clásica

- Lechera Alto Rendimiento

- Iniciador de Novillo

- Engorde de Novillo

- Toros

- Mantenimiento de Ganado

- Súper Lechera



- For milk production: Offer 1 lb. of feed for each liter of milk produced.

- For meat production: 5 to 15 lbs. per animal eachday, depends on desired results.



We offer animal feed for active horses. 

Equinos Super 10 to 15 libras per day, depending on their age and amount of activity. ,



Rearing & Fattening

It promotes optimal growth of piglets, with an excellent feed conversion in fattening and milk production of high breeding.

Product Name Indications
Preiniciador Day 4 until 49, expected weight of 33 lbs.
Iniciador Day 50 to 70 - 52 lbs. of feed, expected weight from 66 to 70 lbs.
Crecimiento Day 71 to 105 - 109 lbs. of feed, expected weight of 110 lbs.
Desarrollo Day 106 to 124 - 144 lbs. of feed, expected weight of 124 lbs.
Engorde Day 125 to 154 - 185 lbs. of feed, expected weight of 210 lbs.
Cerdos Gestantes Feed 5 lbs. of feed per day until the 13th week of gestation, gain 6 lbs. on the 14th week. 
Cerdos Lactantes Feed an average of 12 lbs. per day since Day 1 until the 28th day of lactancy.
Cerdos de Patio

Use freely.

A pig can consume up to 514 lbs. of food, from cradle to sacrifice to make a total 210 lbs. in liveweight.



Name Position Telephone E-mail Area in Charge
Ing. Roger Fernandez Agrodivision Commercial Manager 5849-0007 Nationwide
Ing. Carlos Casco Swine Technician 8850-5527 South East: Carazo y La Concha
Ing. Lenard Montenegro Rugama Feed Sales Executive 8850-5524 North Central And Centrall: Jinotega, Matagalpa, Boaco, Chontales, RAAN, RAAS y Rio San Juan
Ing. Lester Treminio Rivas Feed Sales Executive 8850-5535 South East & Managua
Lic. Cesar Cordero Feed Sales Executive 8850-5537 West & North: Chinandega, Leon, Esteli, Nueva Segovia y Madriz


For more information, visit us at any of our offices, call us at 2523-2216/2222-4323, or write to us at: .