Grupo Industrial El Granjero

Industry leaders in the production and selling of Animal Feed, Fresh Commercial Eggs and Organic Fertilizer in Nicaragua.

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The Best Eggs in Nicaragua

We are the largest egg producers in Nicaragua, and are proud to house the most modern egg laying facilities in ...

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Corporate Social Responsibility Program

We are focused in ensuring the welfare of our employees, & together promote the improvement of our surrounding community.

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Concentrados El Granjero

We produce high-quality animal feeds for Poultry, Pig, Bovine & Horse species. We offer the best quality in animal nutrition!

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Organic Fertilizer Bio Green

Our USDA certified organic fertilizer BioGreen improves the physical, chemical and biological properties of soil.

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Egg Recipes

¡Get inspired and discover new recipes to enjoy with family and friends!

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For more information, visit us at any of our offices, call us at 2523-2216/2222-4323, or write to us at: .


First HACCP Certification (2005)


Institutional Video (With English Subtitles)


Institutional Video (In Spanish)


Producción más limpia

Received at a national & regional level for implementing an integrated preventive environmental strategy into our processes, products and services to increase eco-efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

HACCP Certification

Strict biosecurity & quality programs implemented in our facilities allow us to be the first and only company with HACCP Certification in Egg Production in Nicaragua and Central America.