Our Story

Founded in 1992 with a total of 16 employees, Grupo Industrial El Granjero started out originally under the company name of Concentrados El Granjero, producing quality animal feed under the same brand name. The Animal Feed Production Plant started out in response to:

  • Low-quality animal feed in the Nicaraguan market
  • High-risk in the transmission of illnesses amongst farms due to the reusage of packaging
  • Lack of available technical advisory to clients


The company ventures into the production and commercialization of fresh eggs, with the first technified layer management system.


Egg production is further technified with the switch from floor management systems to environment-controlled Layer Cage Systems. The company implements complete automation of their plants, with water & feed supply systems, manure withdrawal and egg collection systems. This technification marks the start of the fabrication of the company’s own organic fertilizer, with the construction of a treatment plant to transform the solid wastes from the farms into the organic fertilizer under the brand Bio-Green .


The Huevos del Granjero egg brand is born, distinguishing itself at a national level for its strict quality production standards and procedures, which guarantee the freshness & food safety of its products.


The state-of-the-art facilities of the “Trinidad” layer farm in Masatepe are inaugurated. Amongst attendees are the Presidents of Nicaragua and El Salvador, government authorities & important industry figures.


The egg brand Huevos El Paisano is added to the company’s brand portfolio. Due to the company’s growth & development, it decides to change its name from “Concentrados El Granjero” to “Grupo Industrial El Granjero”, in order to be representative of all of its products & brands.


The commercial egg brand “DeliHuevo” is added to Grupo Industrial El Granjero’s brand portfolio.

2014 With a sales coverage throughout the nation, **El Granjero" decides to create its Commercial Division, to deliver a wider range of food products to its clients.


The commercial egg brand "Super Huevo" is added to Grupo Industrial El Granjero's brand portfolio.


Grupo Industrial El Granjero celebrates its 25th anniversary. Today it has more than 470 employees and continues to grow with a focus on high quality nutrition & animal production.

For more information, visit us at any of our offices, call us at 2523-2216/2222-4323, or write to us at: ventasonline@elgranjero.com.ni .