Sanitizations & Exterminations

After intensive use of livestock installations (farms, yards, ect) it is required to do a proper cleaning and maintenance of the facilities. Sanitizations and exterminations in order to reduce microbial loads (fungi, viruses, bacteria) mitigate the risk of diseases that harm production yields.

We provide the support ...

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Vaccinations & Beak Treatments

Part of our commitment to service has been the development of a program of preventive treatment in the rearing period of laying birds which consists in the application of vaccines that cover the most common diseases in the country as well as beak treatments in flocks to improve their feed ...

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Technical Training

We have a specialized team of technicians that elaborate an annual training program for poultry, bovine and pig producers, which provides informative components of management, diseases, nutrition and recent industry trends.

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Installations & Maintenance

With the entry of new producers and industry growth, we provide essential advisory and supervision in installations of poultry equpments as well as offer them periodical maintenance to guarantee their optimum and proper functioning.

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Technical Advisory

The company has a specialized team of veterinary agronomists and scientists that provide advice on designing livestock facilities and technical monitoring in the areas of laying hens, broilers, cattle and pigs.

Our technical monitoring consists of routine visits to farms by our technicians where they keep records ...

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