Our Awards & Achievements


We have received the National and Regional (Central America & Caribbean) Awards of:

'Producción más Limpia' 2008/2010 (National)

'Producción más Limpia' 2009/2011 (Regional)

What is the “Producción Más Limpia” Award?

The Producción más Limpia (Cleanest Production in English) Award is awarded to companies who continuously apply an integrated preventive environmental strategy, into its processes, products and services to increase eco-efficiency and reduce risks to humans and the environment.

The PML award requires changing attitudes, developing a responsible environmental management, creating the appropriate policies and evaluating technology options.

Within its Environmental Management System, the PML Award aims to prevent and reduce the environmental impact by encouraging and facilitating increased competitiveness and environmental performance of the companies who implement it.

¿Why did we aim for the PML Award at a Regional level?

We aim to be part of the group of companies at the forefront of regional markets in face of the free trade agreements amongst governments. Additionally, we believe it essential to hold our company policies to international trends and standards of environmental legislation worldwide, thus influencing the environmental behavior of companies at a regional level.

Awards & Achievement History


To provide assurance to our customers of the safety and quality of our products , the System Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP ) was implemented. Getting in this year HACCP System Certification , Awarded by the Directorate General of Health Protection and Agriculture ( DGPSA - MAG ) who is the National Regulatory in this field , we became the first and only company that has this certification in Egg Production in Nicaragua and Central America.


Further proving that our company is in continuous improvement of its quality management systems, we received the "Premio Nacional a la Calidad” (National Quality Award). It was awarded by the Nicaraguan Ministry of Development, Industry and Trade ( MIFIC ) through the Technology , Standardization and Metrology offices.

November 2008

We were worthy of the National Award for " Producción Más Limpia 2008/2010” (Cleanest Production Award) in the Excellence category . We distinguished ourselves with two environmental management projects :

  • Waste Utilization Project (Organic Fertilizer Production from poultry manure ) – Company Energy Saving Project

The Award for Cleaner Production is promoted by the Nicaraguan Ministry of Development , Industry and Trade ( MIFIC ) , Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources ( MARENA ), Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry ( MAG ) , Ministry of Health ( MOH) , Nicaraguan Institute Support to Small and Medium Enterprises ( INPYME ) , Chamber of Industries ( CADIN ), Association of Producers and Exporters of Nicaragua ( APEN ), National University of Engineering ( UNI) and the Centre for Cleaner Production of Nicaragua ( CPmL -N ) , with support from the Multilateral Investment Fund - Inter-American Development Bank ( MIF - IDB) under the framework of "Adoption of Cleaner Production to Improve Competitiveness " project.

March 2009

We won the Regional Award for " Cleaner Production 2009/2011 " in the Materials category with the project of Environmental Management Achievement Waste. This award is given by the Central American Commission on Environment and Development (CCAD ) of the Central American Integration System (SICA ).

November 2013

Under the XXIII Latin American Poultry Congress held in El Salvador , our given to our founder and CEO , José Bismark Tapia Valerio , received for a second time the award for Business Leader for the Nicaraguan Poultry Sector.

These recognitions and awards further inspire us to continue to grow, in order to provide the benefit of our products and services, with the dream and conviction of having contributed in making Nicaragua a better place.

For more information, visit us at any of our offices, call us at 2523-2216/2222-4323, or write to us at: ventasonline@elgranjero.com.ni .